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Business Organizations

Better Business Bureau 305-625-0307

Chambers of Commerce

Airport West 305-592-5141
Coconut Grove 305-444-7270
Coral Gables 305-446-1657
Hialeah 305-887-1515
Latin American 305-642-3870
Miami Beach 305-672-1270
Greater Homestead & Florida City 305-247-2332
Greater Miami - 1601 Biscayne Blvd 305-350-7700
Greater South Dade 305-828-9898
Miami-Dade County 305-751-8648
North Dade 305-949-3355
North Miami 305-891-7811
North Miami Beach 305-653-1200

The Palm Beaches 407-833-3711
Women's of Miami Dade County 305-446-6660

Other Organizations

Missing Children info. Clearing House

Division of International trade Development

Florida International Affairs Commission


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