Drive in Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami Dade County; this tutorial covers Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Aventura, Hialeah, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbour, Surfside, Sunny Isles, and all the municipalities of Miami-Dade County.
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Miami At A Glance - The Miami Tutorial

A tutorial about Miami that teaches to drive in the Greater Miami and the Beaches. Learn the structure of the cities in minutes and drive "like a native". Click Here to view the table of contents.

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Miami At A Glance - The Miami Tutorial

How to drive in
Miami, Miami Beach, South Florida

Miami At A Glance - Area Guide
Miami, Miami Beach, South Florida

understanding Miami-Dade County
directions and addresses

Miami-Dade County is the larger area that includes:
Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Aventura, Hialeah, and other cities.
Knowing the limits of each community, in most cases, is not important, because most of the communities follow the same numbering system for uniformity.  However, if you are traveling to Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Hialeah or Miami Beach, you must know where to access these cities.  These cities use a different street numbering or identification system that does not help in locating them.  These independent address systems do not  give any indication on what direction to travel in order to find these particular cities.
Follow along and, in 20 minutes, you'll become a native.


Click Here for a visual representation


 Streets travel East and West.  Remember: STRE-E-E-E-T goes  E-E-E-E-EAST!
        They take you to Biscayne Bay; To the beach; 
        They take you to I-95; To US-1; To SR-826 North and South.
Flagler Street is the divider of North and South. Flagler Street is considered STREET NUMBER 0.
All other streets are numbered, in both directions (North and South), starting from Flagler Street.

Ex:     Going North from Flagler St, you find North 1st , North 2nd St, ...North 215th St, etc...
        Going South from Flagler Street, you find South 1st St, South 2nd St, ...South 320th St, etc...


Avenues travel North and South. 
They take you Downtown to Flagler Street; they take you to SR-112 East-West; 
They take you to SR-836 East-West; They take you to SR-826 East-West.

Miami Avenue is the divider of East and West. Miami Avenue is considered AVENUE NUMBER 0.
All other avenues are numbered, in both directions (East and West), starting from Miami Avenue.

Ex: Going East, you find East 1st Avenue, East 2nd Avenue, ... East 34rh Avenue, etc...
Going West, you find West 1st Avenue, West 2nd Avenue, ... West 107th Avenue, etc...

This North-South and East-West division creates four distinct quadrants: Northeast (NE), Southeast (SE), Northwest (NW) AND Southwest (SW).


Lanes (Lne) and Terraces (Tr) are Streets that run for short distances. Lanes and Terraces always have a street with the same number next to them. For example, you may find 22 St, 22 Lne and 22 Tr.


Remember LTS: Lane, Terrace and Street travel  in the same direction: East and West.


Courts (CT) and Places (PL) are Avenues that run for short distances. Courts and Places always have an avenue with the same number next to them. For example, you may find 22 Av., 22 CT and 22 Pl.


Remember CPA: Court, Place and Avenue run in the same direction: North and South.

Click Here for Practical Applications that will help you understand the use of these rules right away.


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