Drive in Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami Dade County; this tutorial covers Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Aventura, Hialeah, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbour, Surfside, Sunny Isles, and all the municipalities of Miami-Dade County.
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Miami At A Glance - The Miami Tutorial

A tutorial about Miami that teaches to drive in the Greater Miami and the Beaches. Learn the structure of the cities in minutes and drive "like a native". Click Here to view the table of contents.

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Miami At A Glance - The Miami Tutorial

How to drive in
Miami, Miami Beach, South Florida

Miami At A Glance
Dissection of Miami directions and addresses

Dissection of an Address

Please refer to the following sample addresses. We have placed 4 imaginary Miami-Dade County Addresses for analysis.

The headings on top of each column show the order to follow in the analysis. Each heading identifies a separate part of the address. We will refer to them  as part 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The order in which these parts are numbered show the steps you will follow in understanding any address in Miami Dade County.

  PART 5 PART 4  Part 1 Part 2 PART 3 
A 12 34 SW 252 Street
B   45 NW 26 Ct
C 123 45 NE 3 Avenue
D 1 23 SE 17 Lane



Part 1 identifies the QUADRANT the address is located in. This is the first step: it tells the direction and distance you will have to travel. It is imperative to identify this part because the same street and avenue numbers do exist in other quadrants. If you do not identify this part properly, you may end-up traveling a long way to find out you are in the wrong quadrant.

In A, the address is located in the South-West (SW) Quadrant.
In C, the address is located in the North-East (NE) Quadrant.


Part 2 tells the number of the street or avenue to look for in the quadrant identified by Part 1. It also tells where to look for the physical location of the target address. If Part 2 is a name instead of a number, you must first find the number equivalent for that street or avenue.

In A, the address is located on SW 252 Street;

In D, the address is located on SE 17 Lane.


Part 3 is the qualifier of Part 2. It tells if Part 2 is a Street or Avenue. It also tells the direction and type of road that will ultimately take you to a chosen destination.

In A, you are looking for 252nd Street; ultimately, an Avenue will take you there. You will have to travel North or South to your destination. Also, your target address is located 252 streets south of Flagler Street.

In C, you are looking for 3rd Avenue; a Street will take you there. You will travel East or West to your destination and, your target address is located 3 avenues east of Miami Avenue.


Part 4 is always made up of two digits. It may be any combination of numbers between 00 and 99. This part tells how far into the block the address is located and, on what side of the roadway - even numbers are on one side and uneven, on the other side.


Part 5 is what remains after the last two digits of Part 4 are separated. The qualifier of Part 5 is always the opposite of Part 3. If Part 3 says Lane, Terrace or Street, Part 5 is the number of an avenue. If Part 3 says Court, Place or Avenue, then, Part 5 is the number of a Street.

In B, you are looking for "0" Street; the address is a few feet North of Flagler Street, on 26 Ct.

In D, you are looking for 1st Avenue; the address is located (1) avenue east of Miami Avenue and (17) streets south of Flagler Street.

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